RAID5 - Kills Data Loss Dead

This is Part 2 in a 3 part series on Choosing the Right Shared Storage Solution.  You may want to check out Part 1: Bandwidth & Connections.

You can also view the entire 3 part series here:

Hard drives are a dime a dozen nowadays. At last check, I think Best Buy and Fry’s had them at the checkout counter next to the latest Star Magazine and Chewlies gum. Despite the seemingly over abundance of drives, not all drives (let alone a collection of ’em) are created equal.

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Useable Storage Space vs. Advertised Storage Space

Update: You can also view the entire 3 part series here:

Shared Storage – the least sexy of the post production technologies. Shared Storage is not the hot chick in class. She’s the quiet librarian with glasses that you end up falling for when the unreliable hot chick loses her sheen. She’s got everything you need: reliability and stability, and flashing lights. (Maybe the flashing lights thing is just me.)

In part 1 of 3 part posting, I’m going to examine shared storage for video – SAN & NAS.

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I’m on a plane from Vegas – after nerding out at the Digital Signage Expo.  It’s a full circle, having been christened into Digital Signage around 2002 with GraybowGlasfire (3M’s Vikuiti), if any of you remember.  In any event, this short 50 minute jaunt from Vegas to Burbank gives me time to write a quick blog.

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I recently was posed with a relatively simple quandary from a studio:

How can I get edits which need review out to non tech savvy producers for approval so they can:
A) easily view the edit (did I mention easily?)
B) stay out of the edit room.

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EDIT for those who didn’t check the date, this is for NAB 2009.

I know it’s customary to hear rumors prior to a show, not after…but it’s quite interesting when the brain trusts of the industry get together and swap stories.

Among the goodies:

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Current harddrives and storage solutions are available containing terrabytes of space. While the computer itself can support that much space, after 250+GB of storage has been taken up with media, the Avid begins to lose its way when dealing with Media DataBases.

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