About New Media

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Making something out of nothing.  That’s pretty groovy.

I’ve had the good fortune to work on some fantastic projects where I’ve been able to experience this.  It’s also given me the chance to work with many extremely talented people across several disciplines.  The further you go down the multimedia rabbit hole, the more you realize these disciplines are much more related than you think.  It’s this kind of synergy that really allows for the creation of new delivery and information systems.

Everything from:

  • Web Design – specializing in layout, user experience, interoperability, and rich media.  Light-to-medium front and back-end coding, and graphic design.  I must confess, my days of hard-coding are over, and I usually use Omnigraffle & Dreamweaver for design (plus a whiteboard; sometimes a bar napkin).
  • Media Encoding – Developing encoding solutions that balance speed and quality, tailored to each client’s individual workflow.  This is for all forms of distribution, web, disc, editorial, broadcast, and mobile.
  • Automation design and integration: I took a great interest in melding new media with the process of Audio Visual automation.  This yields a more visually rich experience for the end user, plus easy usability.  This was centered around AMX system engineering (Panja, at the time!), which encompassed programming and touch panel design.
  • Interactive Kiosk design and implementation: Again, this was a mix of A/V plus new media.  Whether it be using a DVD based video solution, a Director based solution, or now, an Adobe Flash / Air integration, finding new, easier and efficient ways of getting information to the masses is a hot topic.  I also was able to work extensively with Digital Signage, including working with projectors and various screens.(Display and POS)