About Post Production / What do you do?

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I am currently the Director of Technology and Marketing for Key Code Media.

This is a unique hybrid role, as my technical background in workflow development and subsequent technology deployment gives me excellent insight into the state of the industry, where we are going – and what it takes to get there.  Through this experience, coupled with my creative background, I’m able to craft effective marketing campaigns to convey information about technology solutions in the digital media communications space – via conventions, symposiums, webinars, online video, print, web – and one on one client consultations.

RED Small Series - Motion Picture Editor's Guild
RED Small Series – Motion Picture Editor’s Guild

On the Technical side, most of my time is spent researching, testing and presenting new technology;  developing synergistic workflows to bridge the gap between various enabling post production technologies. Typically this is focused within the Hollywood post industry, however frequently I work with broadcast outlets, boutiques, and independent editors.  This enables me to play with the latest and greatest gear and then showcase it to clients at seminars, exhibitions and one on one demonstrations.  I’ve been involved in the design and build of hundreds of NLE systems and facilities, and consulted on even more.

My time is balanced between stereoscopy, acquisition, storage, editorial, audio, finishing, asset management and encoding.  Working in each realm allows the ability to streamline processes to ensure a smooth transition from each area of post. As a certified trainer and technician, coupled with my experience in production and as an audio editor, I am able to approach post production from a unique perspective to better educate my clients.

On the Marketing side,  I borrow my my previous experience as a creative to temper the tech knowledge.  Having been ‘in the chair’ gives me a unique perspective on the outcomes that need to be achieved for a great end product.  Having this equilibrium allows me to effectively develop marketing strategies to resonate through the industry.  This usually comes in forms of product and solution messaging through new media.

Creatively, my post audio experience encompasses serving as a Dialogue Editor, SFX Editor, ADR Recordist & Editor, Re-Recording Mixer and Supervising Sound Editor on dozens of film, television and internet based projects. I’ve had the privilege of working on many new media and interactive media based projects, from web design to DVD to interactive kiosks. I”m also a keynote speaker at colleges, conventions, technology retreats and symposiums.

In addition, I still freelance as a sound editor on independent projects, both for film and television. (See Lucid Sound)  I also network as much as possible, and you may just catch me pontificating at a post production or technology event near you.

Plus, I just really, really, dig Post.