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3D Post Production: My Marriage Proposal

In a nutshell: I shot a video to propose to her in 3D, edited the video in 3D, showed it to her in 3D, and filmed her reaction in 3D. Got that?  

FCP X – from a unique perspective

Let’s all take a deep breath. Relaxed? On day 1, this isn’t a rant about how great or not so great FCP X is. I’m in a very unique position to be impartial. Gratefully and luckily, I work with virtually everything within the walls of Post. Thus, I’ve attacked the issue of FCP X and […] 

Avid 5.5 new features and what they mean to you

Kool-Aid!  Get your Kool-Aid here! Avid has unveiled the latest update to their editing suite family: Media Composer & Symphony 5.5, as well as DS 5.5.  Below are some of the biggest features to the Media Composer and Symphony 5.5 releases. Video I/O: AJA I/O Express. Easily the biggest announcement.  Avid has traditionally restricted baseband […] 

POST Magazine: NAB 2010: Making Legacy Gear Future Friendly

Listen to the report from the NAB BuZZ: nabbuzzshow.com; Thursday, 9am show. See my article from POST Magazine here. Transcript: There are several reasons to attend NAB. 1)    See where your co-workers and clients work now – because most likely they’re with some other company, doing the exact same thing. 2)    Be a geek, and […] 

My NAB 2010 Hit List

Once a year, us posties flock to our mecca, and plant ourselves within the bowels of sin city to suckle from the geek teet, and bask in all it’s acronym run glory.  We spend too much on cheap food.  We spend way more on alcohol, and desperately try and find which one of the vendors will […] 

It came from the Searches Volume 1

I’m on a plane from Vegas – after nerding out at the Digital Signage Expo.  It’s a full circle, having been christened into Digital Signage around 2002 with Graybow.  Glasfire (3M’s Vikuiti), if any of you remember.  In any event, this short 50 minute jaunt from Vegas to Burbank gives me time to write a […] 

NAB 2009: Wrap Up

NAB 2009 Showcased technology Wrap Up  

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