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Smoke for Mac 2013 Announcement

Head any good tech news lately? Smoke is changing.  Everything. Smoke has had a long and illustrious career, but for many years was only available to those with deep pockets – and a willingness to use Linux.  Several years ago Smoke for Mac (or as we call it, “SMac”) was released, and although it lacked […] 

My NAB 2010 Hit List

Once a year, us posties flock to our mecca, and plant ourselves within the bowels of sin city to suckle from the geek teet, and bask in all it’s acronym run glory.  We spend too much on cheap food.  We spend way more on alcohol, and desperately try and find which one of the vendors will […] 

NAB 2009: Wrap Up

NAB 2009 Showcased technology Wrap Up  

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