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3D in Post: Avid vs FCP

Unfortunately, we’re looking at the lesser of 2 evils. No mainstream editorial platform truly understands 3D natively. Through trickery, masking, and video hide-and-seek, we can manipulate our editing platform of choice to limp along for stereoscopic editorial. I’m a firm believer in the right tool for the right job, and choosing the tool requires a […] 

Prepping and Exporting for Post Audio in Final Cut Pro

Beginning the audio edit of the post production sound process requires receiving the correct files and media from the editorial facility [...] I've created a document (as well as explanations) outlining what a sound editor might need, why, and how to do it.  

It Came From The Searches Volume 2

Matt Stratton turned me on to Clicky Stats awhile ago, and through Clicky, I’m able to see what web searches come up with my blog as a result. I also see when these searches lead them to my blog – but then they leave because they didn’t find the answer. I thought since the search […] 

It came from the Searches Volume 1

I’m on a plane from Vegas – after nerding out at the Digital Signage Expo.  It’s a full circle, having been christened into Digital Signage around 2002 with Graybow.  Glasfire (3M’s Vikuiti), if any of you remember.  In any event, this short 50 minute jaunt from Vegas to Burbank gives me time to write a […] 

Encoding During Editorial

Last week on my POST Magazine blog, I briefly discussed Encoding in Post: The Four Hot Spots. I figured, “Why not elaborate on one of those areas?” Thus far, I’ve discussed the concept of Pre-encoding, and various facets of the final encode.  Let’s talk about the most vital and often overlooked area: During Editorial. Of […] 

A little somethin’ for the Producers….mass review and approval made simple.

A little somethin’ for the Producers….mass review and approval made simple.  

The Money Room

Creating a "Money Room" - a room in your facility guaranteed for an immediate R.O.I. - utilizing simple encoding theories and practices.  

Cheatsheet for Stereoscopic in Avid Media Composer 3.5

Summary: Avid Media Composer now has the ability to edit stereoscopic footage, by combining the 2 separate “eyes” into a single video stream. Launch Metafuze on a PC. (comes with the Avid installer, or download here.) Import the Left Eye & Right Eye (in that order) Folders. Avid calls this scanning. These will have unique […] 

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