April 2009

Off and on for several years, I was involved with a post facility that had what they referred to as “The Money Room” Quite apropos, not only for the greenish hue to the walls, but what they *did* in that room. Unbeknownst to them (but now beknownst to me) the so-called castoff activities and backroom chores which took place in that space are now the new(er) ways to make money at your post facility…and even be a marketable service.
EDIT for those who didn't check the date, this is for NAB 2009. I know it's customary to hear rumors prior to a show, not after...but it's quite interesting when the brain trusts of the industry get together and swap stories. Among the goodies:
Thousands of vendors, and hundreds of thousands of square feet later, I am back in SoCal, with some highlights from the 2009 NAB convention.