Head any good tech news lately? Smoke is changing.  Everything. <2017: link is dead> Smoke has had a long and illustrious career, but for many years was only available to those with deep pockets - and a willingness to use Linux.  Several years ago Smoke for Mac (or as we call it, "SMac") was released, and although it lacked some of the features it's Linux big brother had, it gave many users the opportunity to begin the foray into high end finishing.  At $14,999, it enticed many users.  What the low price hid, however, was that a complete system that met the basic requirements - and gave you a pleasurable post experience, bumped the total price up to $30,00 or more. So, at NAB 2012, Autodesk announced an update to their Smoke software application with a few big massive selling points:

By following the diagram above, much of the data utilized in your RED filename can be deciphered by simply understanding the information contained within the filename. Many times, your...

Current harddrives and storage solutions are available containing terrabytes of space. While the computer itself can support that much space, after 250+GB of storage has been taken up with media, the Avid begins to lose its way when dealing with Media DataBases.