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Listen to the report from the NAB BuZZ:; Thursday, 10am show.  (apparently I’m unflappable!)


I’ve always been a huge proponent of the optical disc format, even after my ill fated investment in DVD-RAM back in the late 90’s.  However, as of late, my interest was beginning to wane, after not getting nearly as much client interest in Blu-ray as I thought I would.

After 2 days of searching, I was beginning to feel a bit let down.  Was Apple right?  Was disc dead – and streaming video was the wave of the future?  Had I not gotten the memo?

Then, off in the distance in the South Hall, I felt a relief as my disc heart became pacified: I give you Net Blender.

Net Blenders DoStudio 2.0, announced at NAB, offers Blu-ray authoring.  To those familiar with DVD creation, DoStudio has all of the features you’d expect: tree based layout, timeline views, Photoshop support for menus and graphics, and drag and drop functionality.  DoStudio also offers the first commercially available 3D authoring, whose specification was finalized just last December.  Yes – you now can convert those 3D movies we know you’re shooting of your kid’s t-ball game to Blu-ray.  Nothing like Billy’s line drive to dads groin for Americas Funniest Home videos IN 3D!

DoStudio authors in the newer and more feature rich BD-J format, as well as providing BD Touch : which allows for rich media access and the ability to download cool extras to your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.  Do Studio also offers it’s own AVC encoder – to ensure compatibility with your Blu-ray encoded project.

Net Blender has a free trial of DoStudio online at

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