It came from the Searches Volume 1

It came from the Searches Volume 1

I’m on a plane from Vegas – after nerding out at the Digital Signage Expo.  It’s a full circle, having been christened into Digital Signage around 2002 with GraybowGlasfire (3M’s Vikuiti), if any of you remember.  In any event, this short 50 minute jaunt from Vegas to Burbank gives me time to write a quick blog.

Matt Stratton turned me on to Clicky Stats awhile ago, and through Clicky, I’m able to see what web searches come up with my blog as a result. I also see when these searches lead them to my blog – but then they leave because they didn’t find the answer. I thought since the search engines think I already have it on my site, perhaps I should.   Below is a sampling of the search queries that my website supposedly already has the answers for.  So, I present to you:

It came from the Searches, Volume 1.

dnx-36 firewire 400 and bandwidth requirements DNX36
Yes, DNxHD36  (aka DNx36) can certainly work through a firewire400 pipe. DNxHD36 runs at a 36mbps, while firewire400 has a theoretical max of 400mbps. This makes firewire400 a fine choice as a transport for DNx36 offline workflows.

29.97 and dnx36
This is a source of confusion for many Avid users, and I’m in the process of authoring a blog on this. DNxHD36 is a “family” according to Avid. While the “36” label refers to the data rate for 23.976 material, the DNxHD36 “family” codec can be applied to 29.97 material. This would be technically known as DNxHD45 (45mbps as opposed to 36mbps).

“episode engine” cpu restriction
This is kind of vague. Within Episode, you can assign priority of encodes and cpu usage. Quicktime already is pretty poor with processor usage to begin with, however.

Metafuze Lossy?
Yes. After all, you’re transcoding from one codec to another – there will always be quality loss. In addition, DNxHD is a lossy codec – so, yes.

edit room day rate
This varies wildly. Depends what gear is in the room, what the room is used for (editorial, audio, finishing, color, etc.) your experience, and geographical location – and hell, what your rent is! Normally a reputable rental rate at a good facility would be a couple hundred bucks per hour or even much more.   As a side note / soap box,  don’t sell out the rest of the industry by undercutting other facilities.  Talent and experience are worth the money.  That’s a majority of what the client is paying for – not the gear.  By undercutting everyone else, the industry is forced to adopt your lower rate as a standard, then everyone has to drop their prices.  And the cycle continues. You’re shooting yourself in the foot.

Does clipster support facilis
Clipster runs on Windows XP 64bit, which Facilis has a client for. Fibre is the best choice (Ethernet won’t deliver the bandwidth needed), and it should be a recent version of Facilis software to enable file locking – volume locking will cause organization issues, but can be done.

convert red footage cluster setup
I wish I could do it better than these guys have:

fcserver script
Good luck. Most everything is manual at this point. Try CATDV as a more GUI based alternative.

QIO-PCIE sonnet tech
The QIO comes with either a PCIE host card or a E34 (Express slot) host card. Unveiled at NAB 2009, and finally shipping now! Mac only support for now. List Price is about $1000.

FTP, KiPro
Well, once the KiPro encodes to ProRes, you can certainly FTP the file – although it’s gonna be huge. Your best bet is to offload it to a portable drive for transport or use a transfer solution like StorageDNA.

share msm database avid
I can only assume you’d like two or more machines to access the same Avid Database at the same time, in order to share media. Nope – the functionality you are attempting to do is achieved through Avid Unity, ISIS, and Interplay.

final cut server frontend
Final Cut Server (FCSvr) clients have a front-end based in Java; it looks the same on Mac or PC – and the administrator can restrict what functions a client can have. A popular alternative is creating a web page interface which ties into the database and media of FCSvr. The functions on thew web page are usually limited and typically only used for “review and approval” functionality. Several companies out there can create a custom web based interface – although it is far from cheap.

episode pro pro res 422
Yes, If Episode is running on a Mac, you can encode and decode into any of the flavors of “ProRes” (1 word). Decoding is only available (currently) on the Windows version.

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