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Listen to the report from the NAB BuZZ:; Wednesday, 3pm show.


I came to NAB to submerge myself in all that is geek, and thus far I have not been disappointed.  I thought I’d share the things that have really piqued my interest and if you haven’t yet checked them out yet– do so!

1)    Cineform.  I recently spent an evening demoing this software for a few hundred people and it was definitely the belle of the ball.  Cineform has been a fantastic DI codec for years, but their product Neo3D takes that to a whole new level, allowing users to do stereoscopic within Final Cut Pro with RT convergence and color adjustments per eye via what they term active metadata.   With an AJA Kona3 card, users can output Full Frame left and full frame Right Eye – no rendering needed.  Definitely one of the coolest things I’ve seen in FCP in a long time.

2)    Telestream has been any industry leader for years with their line of consumer, prosumer and enterprise encoding and automation solutions.  Their latest product announcement is no exception.  Its called Vantage – and it’s built on their Flip Factory encoding engine.  Vantage allows for node based decisions and intelligent encoding.  This means that Vantage can analyze a file and perform encoding operations based on the parameters of that file.  A logic based tree – from a drag and drop interface – allow for complex workflows to be easily created based on any file it may encounter.

3)    NewTek.  Newtek may sound familiar to some of you, as they struck pay dirt many years ago with Video Toaster.  In the not to distant past, they introduced TriCaster – a broadcast truck in a box – a small form factor computer with a broadcast switcher like interface, enabling users to produce a professional looking TV show with graphics, lower thirds, with DDRs…AND stream it to the web.  Their HD unit, announced at the 2009 NAB show offered the same fantastic product, but limited with only 3 inputs.  This year, they announced the XD850 – an 8 input full HD TriCaster.  I could talk about this for hours.  Trust me – check out  -the XD850 TriCaster is by far tops on my want list.

4)    StorageDNA.  This product has been around for a few years, but I think it’s finally hit its stride.  StorageDNA’s DNASync 3.0 offers scaleable peer-to-peer content synchronization, WAN and LAN acceleration, and the ability to delta sync – that is, only move or copy data that is changed.  Two major workflows involve SAN backup and sync. #1  Large storage solutions need backup – and using DNASync, less expensive storage can be used for disaster recovery. #2 –, which I love – is peer-to-peer file sharing.  Forget slow FTP.  I can now send and sync files from one user to another, faster than FTP.  I recently used this for a film I was working on – the editor had to get me QT files and cuts, and we had no time for FTP or shipping a hard drive.  The editor in Chicago dropped the collateral in a folder, and it instantly started copying to my hard drive – in LA.

And this is all just in the South Hall Lower Level.  There’s a ton more to come!


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