What is #postmeet?

People in any discipline of post production who get together and hang out.


  • Who doesn’t want to meet new people, maybe make a new friend – especially one that understands the trauma involved in post.
  • Who doesn’t want to network?
  • Who doesn’t want to get out of the dark edit bay or office and have some fun?

No agenda. No workshops or lectures (already plenty of good ones around!) No fees. We simply meet at a predetermined place and chit-chat. And share. Maybe a bar, maybe a coffee shop. Maybe in the Valley, maybe over the hill. Maybe on the beach, maybe inland. No structure – just meetup and hangout.

Dates & locations will be posted here. You can also search Twitter for #postmeet.

Date Location Time
7/6 Federal Bar, North Hollywood 7:30pm PST
9/1 Intelligentsia – Hollywood (3922 West Sunset Boulevard) 7pm PST