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  • Choose from a variety of speaking topics for your own event. Got a unique idea? Custom topics also available upon request.
  • Debunking Post Production Myths
    There are so many myths about post-production! This is a presentation and seminar where myths tailored to your audience are explored and confirmed or debunked.
  • Post Productions New Inflection Point
    Cloud and remote computing has finally entered into the realm of possibility for the creatives within post production. But what do creatives need to know? What tech is available for them today?
  • Filmmaking in 2030: Post Production
    Did you know that the major studios have already released their technology goals for filmmaking for 2030? They have, and in this presentation, Michael covers what Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Studios, Walt Disney Pictures and Television and Warner Bros. Entertainment have agreed upon as the future.
  • How to Enter Hollywood through the Side Door: Starting a Career in Post Production.
    Landing a job where you're competing with dozens (or hundreds!) of other applicants can be a massive challenge. But starting in tech and using it as a doorway into the creative space is an often overlooked path. In tis presentation will cover what tech you should know, what certifications will help you, and how to use tech to your creative gig advantage.

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Past Events
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