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The Art of the Demo

Sealing the Deal: Effective Tech Demo Strategies - A demo manifesto for better client demos.  

More tech Info: 5 THINGS!

I've got a new tech series - 5 THINGS! It's an independent web series dedicated to answering the 5 burning tech questions about technologies and workflows in the media creation space. Check it out!  

Miller-Kammes Wedding – Videos

The wedding of Kate Miller and Michael Kammes - August 24, 2013. The complete wedding video and selected excerpts on YouTube and Dailymotion.  

How I killed the new Mac Pro

The new Apple Mac Pro had some issues. Serious issues. Traditional troubleshooting proved ineffective. Here are the troubleshooting steps I took and the results.  

TriCaster Media Usage Inside Avid Media Composer and Symphony

This quick start graphic illustrates best practices for generating compatible media from a Newtek TriCaster within Avid Media Composer and Avid Symphony.  

Groom POV Hidden Camera

I wore a hidden HD Camera in my glasses during our wedding. Captured the ceremony, first entrance, first dance, cake cutting, and more. Here's the gear I used to do it, and the story behind it.  

Avid & Media Composer 7 at NAB 2013: What it *really* means to you

New features were sparse for Media Composer 7 at NAB this year, but the announcements made do impact quite a few post workflows. Let's examine a handful of them.  

3D Post Production: My Marriage Proposal

In a nutshell: I shot a video to propose to her in 3D, edited the video in 3D, showed it to her in 3D, and filmed her reaction in 3D. Got that?  

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