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Miller-Kammes Wedding – Videos

The wedding of Kate Miller and Michael Kammes - August 24, 2013. The complete wedding video and selected excerpts on YouTube and Dailymotion.  

How I killed the new Mac Pro

The new Apple Mac Pro had some issues. Serious issues. Traditional troubleshooting proved ineffective. Here are the troubleshooting steps I took and the results.  

TriCaster Media Usage Inside Avid Media Composer and Symphony

This quick start graphic illustrates best practices for generating compatible media from a Newtek TriCaster within Avid Media Composer and Avid Symphony.  

Groom POV Hidden Camera

I wore a hidden HD Camera in my glasses during our wedding. Captured the ceremony, first entrance, first dance, cake cutting, and more. Here's the gear I used to do it, and the story behind it.  

Avid & Media Composer 7 at NAB 2013: What it *really* means to you

New features were sparse for Media Composer 7 at NAB this year, but the announcements made do impact quite a few post workflows. Let's examine a handful of them.  

3D Post Production: My Marriage Proposal

In a nutshell: I shot a video to propose to her in 3D, edited the video in 3D, showed it to her in 3D, and filmed her reaction in 3D. Got that?  

Smoke for Mac 2013 Announcement

Head any good tech news lately? Smoke is changing.  Everything. Smoke has had a long and illustrious career, but for many years was only available to those with deep pockets – and a willingness to use Linux.  Several years ago Smoke for Mac (or as we call it, “SMac”) was released, and although it lacked […] 

The Post FCP Fog

On Friday night, I had the opportunity to join the 9th annual Pre NAB editors lounge panel discussion as a last minute fill in.  I found myself uncharacteristically less participatory, mainly due to the experience and stature of the others on the panel.  The brain power on the panel could power a small town. During the mostly […] 

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