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Michael Kammes (.com)

5 THINGS Series

Topical and relevant knowledge on the media creation industry (plus, tech stuff I dig) coupled with pop culture and slick graphics.

Post Audio

Editing, mixing, and full post production sound design.

“Learn More, Do More.”

Webinars, seminars, tutorials, panel discussions, and interviews.

Tech Blog

Acronyms, speed and feeds, and low level tech stuff you’d probably like.

Recent Tech Blog Entries

Michael Kammes

He just really, really digs post.

Michael Kammes is the Director of Technology at Key Code Media.  He works on the technical, consulting, and demonstration side of post production, and has been a keynote speaker at colleges, conventions, technology retreats and symposiums.  In his current role, he consults on the latest in technology and best practices in the digital media creation and communications space, guiding the selection of best of breed solutions.

Michael has been involved in the design and build of thousands of NLE systems and facility integrations, and worked on many new media and interactive media based projects, from web design to DVD / Blu-ray to interactive kiosks.  Michael has also worked extensively in the post audio realm, serving as a Dialogue Editor, SFX Editor, ADR Recordist & Editor, Re-Recording Mixer, and Supervising Sound Editor on dozens of film, television, and internet based projects.

Michael is currently a member of the MPSE (Motion Picture Sound Editors), an Apple Certified Trainer (Final Cut Pro – ACT FCP), an Avid Certified Support Representative (ACSR), and is constantly becoming certified on latest and greatest post technology has to offer.